Banjar Hot Spring

The Banjar Hot Springs, locally referred to as ‘Air Panas Banjar’, are located approximately 5km southwest from the famous Lovina coast in North Bali.The centuries-old hot springs have been upgraded with modern facilities over time, and have become a favourite retreat and recreational site among locals and international visitors.

The hot spring (banjar) are only a short distance west of the monastery. Eight carved sandstones Nagas spew water from a natural hot spring into the first bath, which then overflows (via the mouths of five more Nagas), into a second larger pool. In a third pool, water pours from three meters high spouts to give us a pummeling massage.

The water slightly sulphur and pleasantly hot, so you might enjoy it more in the morning or the evening than in the heat of the day. We must wear a swimsuit and you should not use soap in the pool. The whole area is beautifully landscapes with lush tropical plants.

It is located at Banjar village, Banjar district, Buleleng regency, about 1,5 kilometers from Banjar junction and 10 kilometers from the famous tourist resort Lovina or 24 kilometers from the closest city Singaraja. It is supposed to be able to cure disease. So it is flown to a cute swimming pool. Surrounded by unique village nature nears a Buddhist Temple.

The Banjar Hot Spring Water have been built around in order to protect the springs from evil spirits in the same way as a temple and give a more grand and holy impression. Today and for many hundreds of years the springs have been made into an open air swimming pool with the openings of the springs connected to piping which now come out of carved statues.

This same effect is visible at other springs and highlights the Balinese importance of protection of the sacred areas of the island. This also makes the springs more enjoyable to swim in and stand at the areas where the fresh hot upwelling of water are then guided down the pipes and released at the statues.

The pool of the Banjar Hot Spring Water is situated in the centre of a beautiful Balinese garden that is gives the Banjar Hot Spring Water an even more relaxing feel to be around. This tropical beauty and well kept tidiness is the pride of the Banjar or this area.

The Banjar Hot Spring Water is actually split in to three pools that were made by the Japanese Colonies hundreds of years ago. The Japanese first built the baths with bathing in mind and also because the Brimstone that is inside the water was known to be beneficial for skin diseases.

Well the Baths became taken over by the Balinese who had deemed the springs holy long before the Japanese built the baths that are still here today and no both tourists and locals use the baths to bath with the warm waterfalls and water features spread out between three different pools.

Anyway, after crossing a bridge we found ourselves in a beautiful flowered garden in which the ancient looking hot springs are located. There are three baths were you can puddle in 38ºC sulfur water.

Photo Gallery Banjar Hot Spring North Bali

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