Gitgit Water Fall is an amazing waterfall from height hill which is encircled by fertile rain forest plantation. This waterfall is situated in the jungle of forest, fresh atmosphere with beautiful panorama of rice terrace are presenting on the way to this waterfall. It is located in Gitgit countryside, Sukasada district and Singaraja regency. It is one of the famous places of interest in north part of Bali.

From the parking area, there’s a 500 meter scenic walk where you can find some of the island’s common plantation crops such as cacao, coffee, clove and nutmeg. Some stalls selling handicrafts and spices line the concrete path to the ticket counter which stands amidst trees. Once you reach the ticket counter, it means that you are around 700 meters from the famous waterfall.

With paddy fields on your left and a green gorge on your right the walk to the waterfall is invigorating. The sound of the waterfall can be heard from 200 meters away and after a few more steps you can see a massive amount of water falling from a height of 45 meters and hitting the big stones below.

The water is clear and cold, but in the rainy season is becomes brown as it is mixed with river sediment. Even though the water is cold, no matter what the season, people, both locals and tourists, often play in the water without any hesitation.

Walk by the riverbank and after you pass a right curve you’ll find the waterfall. The waterfall drops from a height of 50 meters and the water comes from a round cave. The cave is a natural underground waterway that carries water from the Buleleng River to Gitgit. This waterfall is worth visiting. It’s the perfect place to admire the beauty of nature amid tranquil surroundings.

This road is one of the omissions in Dutch era where the local resident uses it to access other regions. On 1975, this waterfall is opened as tourist destinations in north part of Bali . Since it is appointed as a tourist destination in Bali, many tourists from domestic and foreign countries visits this waterfall and Bali Singaraja Lovina Tour is one of the famous tours in Bali visit this place.

Photo Gallery Gitgit Waterfall Bali

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