Mount Bromo Kawah Ijen East of Java


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Bromo is actually the name of a mountain located in Probolinggo, and enters the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. However, if someone says they will go to Bromo, it means that the person might not go up to Mount Bromo but might also see the sun rise on Mount Penanjakan or other places. Besides some people also choose to climb other mountains around Mount Bromo. All destinations are in the same area, with the same access.

This Bromo does have extraordinary appeal. If you look at the instagram of a number of Indonesian or Asian artists and celebrities, on average, they have definitely been to Bromo. With the development of information technology, Bromo which is already famous from the past, is now increasingly famous. Previously, perhaps the most famous was Mount Bromo itself and Mount Penanjakan, now Whispering Sand and Teletubbies Hill are also included in the list of mandatory destinations in Bromo.

Bali – Mount Bromo tours package:

Antosari Rice Terrace Pupuan
Boat from Gilimanuk to Ketapang east of Java


Bali – Java, Mount Bromo tours:


  • We pick you up – at your hotel for the Java tour where we’ll be driving to Banyuwangi Java.
  • On the tour to the coast of Bali west, to Gilimanuk, enjoy the beautiful Rice Terraces and Tropical plantations.
  • After arrival in Ketapang (by ferry), lunch will be served at a local restaurant.
  • Then the tour continue to Bromo, Java for an overnight stay – at a local hotel, check in and relax / enjoy Java Island.

On the way to Mount Bromo east of java tours we pass beautiful of rice field a long side road Bali Rice Terraces – a beautiful panorama you can stop for take photo and a close view of the social life of the different communities along the way.

Rice grows very well in the island and the quality is excellent. Padi Bali the old traditional Balinese rice takes 210 days to grow (Balinese year). Rice to the Balinese is more than just the staple food; it is an integral part of the Balinese culture. The rituals of the cycle of planting rice, maintaining, irrigating, and harvesting rice enrich the cultural life of Bali beyond a single staple can ever hope to do.

Four Wheel Jeep Treak to Mount Bromo
Sunrice Monut Bromo East of Java


Java Tours – Mount Bromo tours/ Mount Bromo crater:


  • At 3:00 a.m., our team will pick you up using a private Jeep at Bromo 4 WD and then take you to the highest peak Pananjakan view point sunrise for 30 minutes
  • arrived at the summit of Pananjakan, starting trekking towards a 15-minute vantage point where visitors will take the Milky Way Mountain, Mount Bromo Sunrise, and Sunrise from this place, don’t forget to prepare a flashlight because the route conditions are still dark.
  • after at the point of view, enjoy the Mount Bromo Sunrise tour package at 05.20. Then Enjoy the beauty of sunrise at Bromo at the peak of Pananjakan, and other sights such as Mount Batok, Gunung Semeru, the vast Sea of ​​Sand.
  • around 6:30 a.m., just enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise, and other sights, Return to your Jeep via the same route then continue to the Crater for 20 minutes to park the jeep, then do trekking for 30 minutes, you can also use a horse
  • After enjoying the sun rise, we will go down through stunning road and find many horses and the owner offer us to ride on it up to the stairs. The stairway is the only way up to see the crater with a lot of smoke come out which is contain sulfur. (Bring water or wet towel) back to hotel for breakfast and check out.
  • Then we’ll walk down and return to the Java hotel for breakfast and a much needed shower.
  • Then the Java tour continue (part of the tour concerning Jave has ended) – we’ll return by ferry Java Bali (Ketapang to Gilimanuk) and proceed driving to your hotel.
  • You’ll arrive at your hotel in the evening.

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcanoes in Java island located in East Java located in 4 districts in eastern Java, this bromo mountain not only has one beauty but has thousands of natural beauty of the mountains and behind the elegance of Mount Bromo there is a very extraordinary view of the sunrise with the background of Mount Batok and Mount Semeru.

Tour Packages Mount Bromo 2 Days 1 Night Not only the sunrise, Bromo Crater, desert, savanna, teletabies hill, sand whisper, which can be enjoyed in the bromo mountain but there are some other beauty that is still not known by many tourists namely the beauty of the sunset and the beauty of Milky Way at Mount Bromo.

Horse Riding at Mount Bromo East of Java
Sunset at Mount Bromo East of Java

Rate Packages:

Price in USD :
Adult   : 280 / person
Children 5 – 10 years old: : 180 / person
Minimum : 02 person per booking

Valid until 30 April 2022

Rates Include:

  • Hotel transfer
  • Ferry Bali-Java-Bali
  • four wheel drive jeep in Bromo
  • 2 x Lunch, 1x  Dinner, 1 x Breakfast
  • Entrance fee, Accommodation based on twin sharing
  • English guide
  • Mineral water and
  • Insurance .


  • Tour Packages with Private Vehicle
  • All prices are net per person
  • Children aged from 3-10 years old
  • Other personal expenses are not included and will be on personal account.


Interesting Things to Do in Bromo

1. See Sunrise on Mount Penanjakan

Seeing the sunrise on Mount Penanjakan can be said to be the main attraction of the whole Bromo Tourism. Penanjakan Mountain itself is located in Pasuruan Regency. The path to get to Puncak Penanggungan itself is three: Tosari (for those who come from Pasuruan), Tumpang (for those who come from Malang), and Cemoro Lawang, Sukapura (for those who come from Probolinggo). The entrance to Mount Penanjakan is also very close to Mount Bromo.
Maybe many of you are lazy to go there because you think that you have to climb. However, make no mistake. To go to the top and see the sunrise, you don’t need to climb because the track has been paved and can be passed by motorized vehicles. To get to this peak, there are several ways. If you don’t bring a private vehicle, you can rent a dirt bike or hardtop.

If you go up to Penanjakan to see the sunrise, of course you have to leave some time before dawn, especially if your lodging location is a bit far down. Some people even built tents around the top of Penanjakan.

Once you enter the Penanjakan entrance, you will be confronted with some fairly steep inclines. So, for those of you who bring private vehicles or rent a dirt bike, must be careful. However, after a few slopes, getting uphill is quite sloping.
After arriving at the summit, you just need to find the best spot to see the sunrise. The best time to get a perfect sunrise is the dry season. If it is the rainy season, there is a possibility that the clouds are blocking so that the sunrise can not be seen. So, the dry season is the peak season in the Bromo region, especially at Mount Penanjakan.

If you have not had time to dawn prayers when leaving for the summit, there is a place around the peak prayer. You can perform ablutions in the toilet.

Around the peak area, there are also several stalls. If you want to just eat fried food or drink coffee, you can stop by. But indeed the price is a bit more expensive when compared to the price below because the right moment in Penanjakan is the sunrise, so the duration of selling from the seller is not too long. Down from the summit, take time to stop at some point to hunt photos with the background of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, and Mount Semeru in the distance.

2. Go up to the Bromo Crater

Another main attraction is the Mount Bromo Crater. From the Penanjakan door, all you have to do is pass the sand to go to Mount Bromo. In the dry season, those of you who ride motorcycles must be super careful because the sand is dry and prone to making the motor slip. Vehicles with ordinary tires (not trail motorbikes) are also prone to getting caught in the grip of sand.

To go to the top of Bromo and see the crater, from the vehicle parking lot, you still have to walk up the sand mountain. Pretty tiring especially for beginners. On the last ramp to the top, there is a ladder which certainly makes it easier for you.

The location of the last parking lot before heading to Bromo Crater
it’s quite far. If you come in the dry season, don’t forget to bring a mask or face mask because dust is everywhere.

Once you reach the top of Mount Bromo, you can see the famous Bromo crater. This crater is still active and if you are in Penanjakan, you might see clouds of smoke from the crater.

3. Photo Hunting in Whispering Sand

This Whispering Sand is a famous name from the sea of ​​sand in Bromo, which is officially named Segara Wedi Kidul. This sea of ​​sand is known as Pasir Berbisik because it was created as a place to shoot the film Pasir Berbisik which was directed by Nan Achnas and starred Dian Sastrowardoyo.
The Whispering Sand area does indeed offer exceptionally beautiful views, with Mount Bromo on one side and other mountains that are still part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park on the other. A vast expanse of sand can make us satisfied all points. This is of course a paradise for those of you who love narcissistic or like photography. Guaranteed, your photos will become really cool.

4. Enjoy the Beauty of Teletubbies Hill (Savana Block)

For green lovers, Savana Block is the best place for you to be, because all the corners are super green scenery. Of course, to get a view like this, you have to come in the rainy season because in the dry season, the grass and green plants will turn yellow.

In this area, you can review Bukit Jemplang which is better known as Bukit Teletubbies because it is indeed shaped like a hill in the children’s series.

The savanna area is also very wide. That means, if you use a two-wheeled vehicle or rent a dirt bike, you can really explore all the points. Because indeed all that is offered is unique beauty and the view from each point is certainly different.

5. Riding a horse and narcissistic with horses

For those of you who can’t ride the Bromo crater, you can rent a horse anyway. The rates vary depending on the bargaining skill and the location where you started riding the horse. This means, if you ride a horse from near a parking lot, the price will be more expensive when compared to when you ride near the top of Mount Bromo.

In addition to the crater area, in the Savana block area there are also horse rentals, which can be rented to go around the area or just take pictures, with different rates.

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