Rental Suzuki APV | Charter Minivan 7 Seats 2020 Bali

Rental Suzuki APV Minivan 7 Seats Bali

Hire Suzuki APV Family Car

Produce by Suzuki, this type of family cars has become the main choice of most big city in Indonesia, because it’s safe in fuel consumption. Suzuki APV family cars type has capacity of 7 passenger, supported with 1.500 cc engine design minimalist interior that makes the cabin has more bigger than Toyota Avanza space.

The Suzuki APV maybe moderately sized but thanks to some innovative design, it’s big on storage space. Speedy delivery to the trickiest of loading bays is easy work with the APV’s super-tight turning circle and hydraulic power steering.

And its fuel-efficient petrol engine has all the low-end torque you need to haul heavy cargo Plush cabin carpet, air conditioning, power steering, a CD system with AM/FM radio and remote central locking are just some of the features which will help even your longest working days fly by in comfort. The APV is a marvel of space efficiency. It features over 3 cubic metres of cargo space with superior weight distribution for ultra stable handling.

Suzuki APV with 7 seater is a luxury Car by the Japanese automaker since 2005. Suzuki APV can accommodate max Capacity 7 peoples, cabin was designed for tourist transportation. All seats with headrest and can be adjustment make your trip in Bali memorable one.

Bali Bus Hire gladly prepare comfortable Car for suite transportation need during in Bali whether for Car rental self drive or Charter around Bali. This Car 7 seats Japanese made in car have completed with air condition, Power Steering and audio visual.

Rental Suzuki APV Minivan 7 Seats Bali

Suzuki Apv 7 Seats

Soft Suspension, easy to drive that make Suzuki APV as one the main cars rental that people looks for during family tour. Bali bus Hire offer Suzuki APV with low cost vehicle hire rates.

From engine point of view, Suzuki APV use an engine 1.6 Litre, 4 cylinder engine, Power 68kW @ 5750rpm, it safe more fuel that any other city car on the road. Even though the engine is big, the vehicle can manage a heavy fully loaded passenger for use on the city road. Also offer a wide interior that can accommodate to 7 passengers. It’s also provide a wide space for luggage.

Special offer Price for Suzuki APV 7 Seats:

Valid until 30 April 2022
Type of usage
Charter with Driver
Car Rental self drive
Extra hour
USD 45
USD 35
Driver, Petrol & 10 hours
Only Car for 24 hours

The Price included:

  • Excellent City car transportation
  • Fit for 7 persons
  • AC and stereo system
  • Power steering
  • Great performance
  • Comfortable drive
  • Manual transmission
  • Experience Bali driver

We are very happy to be lead and show the attractions you visit so that will also show places that are still unique attractions such as Balinese dance, Balinese customs, Panorama Bali and Local Handicrafts with Bali’s price is very cheap. And you can design a tour or a tour that will visit.

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